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The company over time...

The Liaskovitis – Karamitsos Graphic Arts company is the continuation of a long-standing tradition of the Harisiadis and Liaskovitis family, in the field of typographic works and printing. Georgios Charisiadis started the first printing house in 1924, on one of the best-known streets of Thisio, on Odos Heraklides. With passion and dedication to the art of printing, he managed to establish himself among the few printing houses of the time very quickly.

In 1946 his son-in-law, Lambros Liaskovitis (a graduate of the Medical School of Athens), having learned the art of typography alongside him, decided to continue the family business and in 1956 moved the printing office to privately owned premises in Galatsi, Attica, while in 1975 he created a company together with his son George. Many of the founders of today’s “business giants” were clients, partners and most importantly, friends of the printer Lambros Liaskovitis and his son.

In 1989, Georgios Liaskovitis moved the printing office to a new, larger and more central privately-owned space in the city of Galatsi, where it remains until today. Since 2005, the printing house has been modernized, renewed and based on new technologies. At the same time, he manages to identify the concept of the artistic printing press with that of the production of medium and large editions.

In three words we managed to summarize the philosophy, the artistic mood, the professionalism and the high quality of the services and products we offer.

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